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Oulay Vanh Thanavong (Bobby)
Name: Oulay Vanh Thanavong (Bobby)
Case #: 16-44349
Agency: Palmdale Police Department

Last seen at DFW Airport on May 2 waiting on a Stand by flight to California to see his mother, who was ill at the time. Oulay wasn’t able to get a flight out, and so he left the airport receiving a ride home, unknown by who. We know he made it home because during our search of his apartment we located the clothes he was wearing in a photo he texted to a friend while he was at the airport that day. There was no sign of foul play found in the apartment, nothing seemed to be missing or out of place.

Oulay does not have a car and usually gets transportation from friends, or 1 UBER driver he pays with cash under the table, that we have not been able to identify.

DFW Airport police investigated, and did not find any activity on any other airlines indicating Oulay caught another flight out.

There has been no activity on Oulay’s checking account since he went missing.

Missing Persons Flyer has been completed, Oulay has been placed in TCIC/NCIC, and Missing Person Clearinghouse.

Passed along all MSP information to Palmdale Police Dept, after speaking with a friend who said Oulay had a relationship with a person who lives in this area.